Spinning Peace in Africa

Strengthening the Web of Relationships for Peace

About the Learning Journey

The Learning Series

This exploration over a series of learning interventions, entitled “Spinning the Web: Exploring the Nexus between Human Rights and Conflict Transformation”, was a  collaboration between CSVR (the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation) and ZLHR (Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights).

Some human rights activists and lawyers realised that they needed to develop or deepen their facilitation skills to meet the needs of a changing socio-political environment.

They also wanted to explore with other peacebuilding practitioners how the disciplines of conflict transformation/peacebuilding and human rights advocacy might complement each other in the common pursuit of a better life for all.

By seeing how these disciplines worked where they meet, it was hoped:

  1. To contribute to broadening the skills base of practitioners to include facilitative and conversational approaches for legal practitioners
  2. To deepen the analytical and intervention capacity of practitioners within ZLHR and HR oriented partners to explore the value of a conflict transformation lens in addition to a human rights lens;
  3. To explore the value of human rights based knowledge and practices for peace practitioners; and
  4. To co-create and strengthen webs of relationships within and among partner organisations and communities as a way of fostering resilience, social cohesion and contextually wise and appropriate engagement for nonviolence and peace, based on a human rights ethos.
Joint exploration

Joint exploration

The Objectives of the Learning Series:

By participating in the Learning Series, the participants would:

  1.  Have a heightened appreciation for the interplay and nexus between human rights and conflict transformation;
  2. Acquire and deepen analytical and facilitation skills through a conflict transformation lens;
  3. Understand and explore the application of the approach(es) and skills within their own context;
  4. Explore nonviolence and nonviolent strategies for social transformation and cohesion
  5. Explore and deepen skills and approaches to community participation and mobilisation

Protecting a precious thing


Click here for more about the Learning Journey and how it unfolded over the life of the Project.


Click here for more about the impact in working with different communities, working with decision-makers in Zimbabwe and the amazing work of the Kufunda Learning Village which offers options for a more sustainable future.


Finally, click here for some of the creative gifts that emerged along the Learning Journey as participants discovered the wisdom that lay within.



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