Spinning Peace in Africa

Strengthening the Web of Relationships for Peace

The Treasure Trove

What might we catch

What might we catch

Along the way of the Learning Journey, we encountered many methods, explored many ways to uncover what is going on in a situation or inside a person. Some of the exercises and methods were well-known; others emerged from the interactions over the Learning Jouney in the various modules. The Learning Journey was one of sharing where even well-worn methods gained an additional sparkle when tried in a new situation or were approached with new eyes.

We have collected the insights and exercises in handy Treasure Troves, for that is precisely what each one is – filled with precious jewels. Each Treasure Trove has a different focus explored throughout the Learning Journey. We hope you enjoy them and find them as useful as we have ……

FramedAt the Confluence

When Spider Webs Unite 

Returning to One Another


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