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Treasure Trove: At the Confluence

Where things flow together

Where things flow together

This Treasure Trove contains a selection of the important substantive concepts and theoretical underpinnings of the Learning Series. It also contains some of the more important exercises done over the course of the Learning Series exploring working at the point where conflict transformation and human rights meet.

The Treasure Trove is not intended to be exhaustive. Instead, it is offered as a collection of materials which we hope will be useful in your own work.

The content pieces for instance may be used as information sheets or as the basis for inputs on those topics.

The exercises are offered with detailed instructions on how they may be run. They have been drawn from our own experience as facilitators working at the nexus of human rights and conflict transformation.

There may also be other ways that are more appropriate in the contexts that you work.




At the Confluence   Click here to download the Treasure Trove: At the Confluence – where Human Rights and Conflict Transformation Meet





Feedback on what works and what could be changed would be greatly appreciated. In that way these exercises might remain living and evolving within different contexts and with different audiences in mind. Please provide any feedback or comments you have by completing the form below:




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