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The Learning Journey was an intense and enriching one for the individuals who were part of it. It also influenced and reshaped, through those individuals, the partner organisations from which they were drawn. Some of the participating organisations are listed below:

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) is a not for profit human rights organization whose core objective is to foster a culture of human rights in Zimbabwe as well as encourage the growth and strengthening of human rights at all levels of Zimbabwean society through observance of the rule of law.

ZLHR is committed to upholding respect for the rule of law and the unimpeded administration of justice, free and fair elections, the free flow of information and the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms in Zimbabwe and the surrounding region. It keeps these values central to its programming activities. ZLHR holds observer status with the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR), provides secretarial services to the Human Rights Committee of the SADC Lawyers Association and has affiliate status with the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ).

Find out more about ZLHR on their website here.


Zimbabwe Human Rights Association

Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZIMRIGHTS) is an organization founded in 1992 for the sole purpose of ensuring that the Zimbabwean citizens are informed about human rights and are empowered to defend their own rights.

The goal of ZIMRIGHTS is to make the subject of human rights a household issues and a concern of each and every human being in Zimbabwe.

Its enduring mission is to promote, protect and defend human rights in Zimbabwe in order to empower the marginalized sectors of the Zimbabwean community through providing them with relevant education and information in order to assert their rights and seek improvement of their living conditions.

Find out more about ZimRights here and here

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The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe (CCJPZ) is a non-governmental organization whose aim is to highlight the plight of the Zimbabwean people and assist in cases of human rights abuse.

The CCJPZ was established in 1972 as the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Rhodesia. The commission changed its name when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe after independence in 1980 and has offices in Harare, Bulawayo, Binga village, and Mutare, along with the presence of a “Justice and Peace committee in each diocese. Its stated duties are ;to inform people’s consciences; to make people aware of their rights and duties as citizens; to encourage love, understanding and harmony through the promotion of the Church’s social teaching; to investigate allegations of injustice which it considers to merit attention, and to take appropriate action; to keep in contact with other organisations with similar aims and objectives and;to advise the Bishop’s Conference on the human rights situation pertaining from time to time.

Find out more about CCJPZ here.


 Musasa Project

Musasa is a Non Governmental Organization that works to confront gender based violence in Zimbabwe. The organization was established in May 1988 in response to an increase in cases of violence against women especially domestic violence. In 1996 Musasa carried out a research project on the prevalence of Domestic violence in Zimbabwe. The organization’s initiatives in addressing gender based violence culminated in the inception of the Domestic Violence Act in 2008.

Musasa is the Shona name for an umbrella shaped type of tree which traditionally was used as shelter because it provides cool refreshing shade for the weary and tired.  In the same manner, Musasa as an organization provides relief to survivors of gender based violence through its provision of counseling services, basic legal advice, temporary shelter and advocacy.

Musasa’s vision is for a society in which all women are free of gender based violence and are able to fully participate in development.

Its ongoing mission is to  work towards ending gender based violence with particular focus on women targeting groups in society to change retrogressive beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, laws and policies in order to end gender based violence.

Follow the work of the Musasa Project on Facebook here.

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Victory Siyanqoba Trust

Victory Siyanqoba Trust was formed in 2008 as a community theatre group specialising in social commentary and protest theatre in pursuit of human rights and freedoms. They were performing in primary schools, secondary and tertiary institutions including colleges and universities. The group has been largely commissioned by civic organisations in commemorations of many international days, campaigns for peace, elections and other important events that have a contribution to the democratisation agenda. Victory Siyanqoba transformed into a Trust in May 2011 and initiated various community projects in direct combat against torture, violence, HIV/AIDS and human rights violations.

The aims and objectives of the Trust are to foster a culture of respect for Human Rights and Freedoms in Zimbabwe and to encourage the growth and Strengthening of protection and promotion of human rights at all levels of Zimbabwean Society. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • To promote, deepen and broaden the human rights provisions in the constitution of Zimbabwe through theatre.
  • Provide a non-partisan political performance effective for community transformation.
  • To establish a comprehensive entrepreneurial support strategies to assist the youth in starting and managing their own theatre.
  • To create a unified network within all the artists in Zimbabwe who share the same vision with Victory – Siyanqoba Trust.
  • To co-operate with civic organisation in the region and internationally to foster a collective strategy in creating and disseminating art that matters in Zimbabwe.
  • To engage in effective and practical combat against socio-economic challenges and encourage artist in Zimbabwe to fight fear of expressing themselves through arts.
  • To liaise and work with other human right groups which share common vision particularly in Southern Africa and especially those closely associated to theatre
  • To create social commentary theatre productions that foster community development and participation.
  • To create platforms for arts and artistes to contribute into the broader national discourse.

 Find out more about the Victory Siyanqoba Trust on their website here.


The Matebeleland Constitutional Reform Agenda (Macra) was established in September 2008 as a non-partisan, independent, non-governmental and non-profit network-coalition of faith-based, civic and other groups and individuals

 Follow MACRA on their Facebook page here.

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Zimbabwe Young Women’s Network for Peace (ZYWNP)

Zimbabwe Young Women’s Network for Peace Building is a non-profit organization and is registered as a Trust in 2008. It is formed for the purpose of promoting young women’s contribution to peace building and creating a powerful network based in the grassroots communities.

The membership stands at about 1000 young women!! The themes that guide the organization’s work are democracy and good governance, peace building, training and capacity building.

 ZYWNPB seeks to facilitate young women’s participation in peace building processes by empowering them with purposeful engagement skills and a platform to assert their voice.

 The Network seeks through its efforts to encourage young women into a meaningful contribution towards a culture of peace and development.

Follow the Network on their Facebook page here

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